born: 05.2004

height: approx. 168 cm

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Capitol   Capitano
Vanessa III  Landgraf I
Goldküste   Lord Ladykiller XX
Gofine  Ramiro



Highly classy and assessed with great athletic abilities.- A jewel of our breed ! She is a mare of ideal size in a perfect frame, with the best potential in motion, equipped with outstanding scores in motivation and riding.
She was able to confirm all of this at the achievement test in Lürschau, where she scored a 10 in 5 different field events and an average grade of 9.25! 
Her appearance at the "Stutenchampionat" at the NORLA, was also very impressive.With the rider Karin Winter-Polac she was able to win this competition. Video

Direct Descendants


2008: Filly v. Cardino  
2009: Colt v. Cardino  
2010: Colt v. Quirado