y.o.b. 1984
stem 2472
color: braun
height: 170 cm
station: Badendorf, Dägeling, Haselau, Wellinghusen
breeder: Niko Detlef, Dänschendorf
owner: Holsteiner Verband, Elmshorn


Calypso II             

Cor de la Bryere                      Rantzau XX
Tabelle Heißsporn                  
Gofine Ramiro                    Raimond
Cita                                    Ladykiller XX



The son of Calypso II, Contender , is one of the most frequented studs of the Hosteiner Association. He was approved in 1986 and then leased to Oldenburg. He completed his achievement test in Adelheitsdorf as the best of his age-group. Highest Grades in motivation and riding, excellent results in jumping. The exceptional heredity is due to the characteristic allodium of his father Calypso II and the special allodium of his mother Gofine.


This mare provided lots of great horses.
Ulina by Chicago was successful with Susanne Behring and her grand daughter Think Twice won the Championship of Donaueschingen with Leopold von Asten. Largo, Frechdachs and Florenzia got high placements in difficult show jumpings. Cornetto by Caletto I was approved and internationally successful in Denmark.
Cassandro by Caletto-Landgraf a grand son of Gofine, champion of the Holsteiner approval, later bacame successful in Italy.

Also Gofine’s daughter Lareen by Leander gave birth to two descendants which achieved international victories. Very soon it became clear that Contender was an outstanding stud, leaving great jumping ability to his descendants. A high number of his descendants were able to qualify for the Federal Championships in Warendorf.

During the last years Contender was providing more descendants to this examination than most other studs did. He also provided lots of outstanding horses to the international sport.

The European Champions Montender with Marco Kutscher and Checkmate with Meredith M. Beerbaum are to be highlighted.
Other famous sons are Collin, winning the German Derby in Hamburg three times in a row. The German Derby is known as the worlds most difficult derby, Controe, successful with Marco Kutscher, Constantin, winning the Championship in Hamburg and in Aachen with Marcus Beerbaum.

At the 2006 Holsteiner approvals, Contender was completely convincing. With five approved sons he was confirming his exceptional position within the Holsteiner Breeding Programme. His son Cubito was the champion of the approvals and was sold to the USA for 400.00 Euros.


Index of Breeding Value 2006: Dressage 121 (99%), Jumping 150 (99%)


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