born: 11.05.1992

height: approx. 164 cm

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Ladykiller XX   Sailing Light XX 
Lone Beech XX
Viola Cottage Son XX
 Gofine   Ramiro           Raimond
Cita Ladykiller XX



Highly awarded “State’s Premium Mare” at the age of three. She completed her achievement test in Lürschau with the exceptionally high score of 147 points. She is clearly resembling her mother Gofine in type and appearance. However, this is not astonishing, since Goldküste is strongly inbred to the two thoroughbreds Ladykiller and Cottage Son. Both of them appear as sire respectively damsire in the stem of Gofine and Lord. Goldküste is therefore holding a part of 56% of thoroughbred.

Direct  Descendants


1996: Libelle by Quidam de Revel our brood mare
1997: Cocett by Corrado 8 year old, 60 placements in competitions  of higher level
2000: Passionata by Corrado initially applied in breeding (one foal by Calato), later in sports straightaway successful - video
2001:   Mare by Coronado          sold at the age of three
2003: Tamina by Calato sold
2004: Ulina by Calato our broodmare, state’s premium mare          
2005: Mare by Calato sold
2006: Wira by Calato sold
2008: Colt by Calato  

Filly by Casall

2010: Filly by Casall